About us

When it comes to seafood and fish of the finest quality, you are at the source with us – because Fischquelle-Frost has been an extremely reliable and competent partner for the commercial wholesale trade since 1998. From Pleidelsheim, we are active worldwide, and that means for you:

  • strict criteria in the selection of our suppliers in Asia, South America and Europe
  • high demands on their machinery
  • short, quality-assuring processing routes
  • greatest care with the cold chain
  • a very balanced price-performance ratio

Whether it is quality control directly on site according to European standards by our own highly qualified staff in our offices in China, Vietnam, India and South America, continuous contact with the processors or the seamless flow of information: our professional interaction guarantees you a quality that will delight your customers. This is what our own labels Royala and Excellent have stood for with great success for years, and it is precisely this class that we offer our customers in appropriate bulk quantities to manufacture in their name as their own brand.

It goes on just as precisely: we supply you with first-class goods within 24/48 hours, because cooperation also works smoothly in our logistics centre, where 53,000 pallets are moved daily by professional partners. Before the time comes, professionals receive the goods in Bremerhaven, for example. State-of-the-art refrigeration technology within our warehouse infrastructure guarantees that the temperature requirements (-18° C to -20°C) are permanently and uninterruptedly maintained according to HACCP as well as the recommendations of the EHI (European Retail Institute).

Our success has one goal: Quality that is excellent for you!


1998: Founding of Fischquelle-Frost OHG by Arpad Horvath and Harald Neumaier.

The first orders from customers were received in a small office in Harald Neumaier’s home. The first 11 pallets with 13 different products from Spain were quickly sold. After a short time, the young company and its products rented the Krempel cold store in Stuttgart to hand over the receipt of goods and also the fine picking. International freight forwarders took over the logistics and delivered to our first customers within 24 or 48 hours.

1999: The product range is expanded. Shrimp in various sizes, squid products, cuttlefish, pulp, mussel products and fish fillets complete the young company’s range.

2000: The own brands ROYALA and EXCELLENT are launched on the market.

2003: Relocation to the next larger office at Marbacher Str. 7 in 74385 Pleidelsheim. The customer area is growing quickly and steadily.

2004: The first own container imports from Asia are carried out.

2008: Our first independent purchasing office with European employees is established in Zhoushan City/China. The necessary and important quality controls can now be carried out directly on site by our partner company Blue Planet Ltd. be made.

2009: Our second independent purchasing office is established in Ho Chi Minh City/Vietnam. Again under the reliable management of our partner Blue Planet Ltd.

We are still a young company that now imports several hundred containers of frozen fish and seafood products from a wide variety of countries of origin every year.

Reliable, flexible and customer-oriented, we and our entire team ensure that our wholesalers, who are now located throughout Europe, get the best that the seafood industry has to offer.

According to the motto: Quality that goes down well with you!